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Wild Woman Rites of Empowerment BIBLE

Rites of Passage, or what we call Rites of Empowerment, have helped people celebrate the natural evolution in their lives for thousands of years. Today few milestones are celebrated and those that are gloss over and fall short of addressing the emotional issues that mystify and create havoc in our worlds. Indigenous peoples have always celebrated the natural cycles of change and rites of passage promote the mourning that goes with accepting changes in our lives and closure heals the wounds of our inner child.  Rites of Empowerment celebrate our growth and maturation as individuals as we travel along our Path of Heart toward enlightenment. Rituals balance our masculine and feminine energies and help us regain the Five Hauquas, health, hope, happiness, harmony, and humor in our lives, which are every human’s inalienable rights. The book gives instructions on how to facilitate over 50 life-changing ceremonies. Included are numerous poems and stories to make your ceremonies personal and extra special.


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