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The Talking Stick: Guarantee You Are Understood and Not Just Heard

The Talking Stick is a simple took that can be used by five-year olds or fifty-year olds… from the bedroom to the boardroom. Use this communication tool to promote respect and build self-esteem while settling arguments, making decisions, brainstorming, or through a simple welcoming ceremony. Master the Song of the Directions and become a professional Talking Stick facilitator. You will be become skilled in a little-known technique that GUARANTEES you are understood and not just heard. Develop your own “advantage in confrontation” by studying how indigenous peoples call to the energies of the Universe for balancing emotions, physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual determination. Discover how to craft your own unique Talking Stick after learning several native traditions. Use leather, paint, beads, stones, yarn, feathers, and let your imagination run wild.


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