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Saving the Crystal Skull

Mack MacAlister is enticed into the Guatemala jungle and led to a Maya sanctuary, veiled by mysterious forces for over 10,000 years. He discovers his key role in ancient prophecy, remembering his vow from a previous lifetime to save a life-size crystal skull. Guided by Ichtaca, an old shaman, Mack strives to regain the intuitive and magickal powers essential to his mission. Against all rationality and amidst turmoil Mack finds his soul mate, Tlalli, and confronts the pain of unfulfilled passion over numerous lifetimes. In a world where only thin membranes separate past, present and future, Mack pits his will against the crazy Mexican magistrate, Rafael Sánchez, to protect the crystal skull from destruction – for it must open the portal between worlds as the Maya Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 – to prevent destruction of humankind and the Earth.


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