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Magickal Mysterious Character

In the spring after Sam’s eleventh winter, she meets Grandmother Wisdom Keeper, an old Native American Medicine Woman and begins the journey of her life. The old woman has been waiting for Samantha since her birth, for Sam is destined to become the next Wisdom Keeper far in the future. Sam finds this prophecy overwhelming, yet fascinating and irresistible. Her intense desire to learn the ways of Grandmother’s people draw her to discover the beauty of the Path of the Red Road. Grandmother guides Sam with the help of the little people and animals of the forest to discover her Sacred Dream; the lessons she has chosen to learn in this lifetime, and what legacy she has promised to leave to the next seven generations. The chapters of her normal teen years set the stage for Grandmother’s teachings and Sam soon embraces the Magickal Mysterious Character within herself.

Discovering the Magickal Mysterious Character is the first in Dancing On the Edge Series that inspire and empower the reader. It is an adventure combining Native American spirituality, folklore and fantasy in a modern-day setting. Teens and adults alike will discover that this knowledge is just as valuable today as it has been for millennia.


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