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Phyllis Cronbaugh Author

Phyllis Playful Autumn Wind Cronbaugh brings intuition and years of indigenous spiritual training to her books, workshops and ceremonies. Indigenous knowledge is as valuable today as it has been for millennia in guiding us to live balanced and harmonious lives. As a Twisted Hair (Cherokee, Navajo) and Maya Solar Initiate, she braids traditional knowledge and spirituality together with the science of quantum physics creating truths that change and fulfill lives. Phyllis is the author of five books, two fiction and three non-fiction. Her latest novel is Saving the Crystal Skull: An Adventure of Mayan 2012 Prophecy. Another recent novel is Discovering the Magickal Mysterious Character: Empowering Teens and Women of All Ages Using a Journey of Native American Teachings. Three sequels – Becoming …, Living …, and Legacy of the Magickal Mysterious Character are in the works. Other metaphysical non-fiction books by the author include, Yes, It’s Possible to Change Your Past: Combining Ancient Shamanic Wisdom and Quantum Physics to Help You Consciously Create the Life You’ve Only Dreamt About, Wild Woman Rites of Empowerment Bible with over 50 life-changing rites of passage ceremonies, andThe Talking Stick: Guarantee You Are Understood and Not Just Heard. Earth Astrology: Completing What Sun Bear Started should be out soon. More information can be found at www.PhyllisCronbaugh.com, www.SavingTheCrystalSkull.com, www.MagickalMysteriousCharacter.com and www.ChangeYourPast.com. Also, make sure to check out her blog http://blog.PhyllisCronbaugh.com. Phyllis was born and raised in the Kansas City, MO area, moved away to Colorado, Arizona and California where she apprenticed with a well-known shaman for a number of years and received other training on native traditions from numerous teachers. Her journey on the Path of the Red Road has taken her to Mexico and Guatemala where she worked and studied with indigenous elders. Making a full circle back to Kansas City, she again resides in the home her father built in 1948. She enjoys her grandchildren, writes, teaches, and conducts native ceremonies for Dancing On The Edge Lodge. She is also a travel agent and in 2011 will begin leading tours to sacred sites all over the world.


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